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Effective 1 December 2020

Please read these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use, together with any conditions, notices and disclaimers contained elsewhere on our website (the “Website Terms”) govern your access and use of our website. By accessing and using this website you acknowledge and accept that you are bound by these Website Terms. These Website Terms apply to all users of our website, including consumers, and our business partners who access and use this website.

In these Website Terms any references to “us”, “we”, “our” or “Sportscover” means Sportscover Australia Pty Ltd ABN 43 006 637 903 AFSL 230914, and any of its related bodies corporate. References to “you” or “your” includes yourself, your company and its related bodies corporate, and their employees and affiliates.

There may be other terms that apply to you.

The Sportscover website
The information contained on this website may not be accurate or up to date in all respects. We do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information contained on this website. None of Sportscover or any of its related companies, or their directors, accepts any liability for any reliance by any person on information contained on this website or guarantees the performance of any particular financial product referred to in the website.

From time to time we may need to update these Website Terms and your continued use of this website means that you accept the updated Website Terms.

The information on this website is provided for Australian residents only, and where indicated, may be limited to specific states and territories of Australia. The law of Victoria governs these Website Terms. On this website any currency references are references to Australian dollars unless otherwise specified.

This website may contain links to third party websites. Sportscover and its related entities do not make any representations as to the content of any third party websites, and expressly disclaim that they operate any website other than this website and any other websites that are branded Sportscover.

Ownership of this website
All intellectual property on this website – including the Sportscover trademarks and copyright in the information, text, graphics, services and other data – is owned by us and no part of this website may be reproduced, stored, modified, adapted, uploaded to another location or produced for display in any form without our prior written approval.

Information we provide
Sportscover does not provide personal financial product advice. Any information provided to you by us is general information only, which when prepared, does not take into account your individual circumstances, objectives, financial situation or needs.

When considering any financial product available through this website, you should carefully read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) to ensure the product is right for you. A copy of the PDS is available on this website.

The Insurer for general insurance products (unless otherwise specified) is the insurer specified in the PDS provided to you.

Your use of this website
You must not use our website in any of the following ways:
- Use of any type of data accumulation tool, robot, or spider to compile, disseminate, extract, process, reproduce, or repackage in any form or monitor any of the web pages, content, data or information contained within or accessible through this website.
- To accumulate or combine the content, data or information contained or accessible through this website with content, data or information from any third party, without Sportscover’s prior written permission.
- Use of high-volume, automated or systematic processes to obtain data or other information from this website.
- Compiling, repackaging or disseminating any information or data from this website.
- Accumulating data or information from this website whether or not using any automatic or manual process.
- Use of any type of device, process, routine or software either systematically or non-systematically to interfere or attempt to interfere with the functioning of this website or any transaction or process conducted on or through this website.
- To use or reproduce any information or data from this web site other than as specifically permitted by these Website Terms.
- To incorporate into or store any information or data from this website in any other website, electronic retrieval system, database, publication or other work in any form, other than as specifically permitted by these Website Terms.
- Combining or processing any data or information from this website with other data or information other than as specifically permitted by these Website Terms.
- Creating a link to this website from another website without Sportscover’s prior written permission.
- Using this website other than as specifically permitted by these Website Terms.
- Any use of this website for an unlawful purpose or activity.
- Either yourself or through a third party changing, modifying, reproducing, or creating any works derived from this website, or displaying in public, any part or content of this website without Sportscover’s prior written permission or unless you have a non-excludable legal right to do so.

If you breach these Website Terms, you agree to indemnify us for any loss that we may suffer or any costs that may be incurred from your breach.

Any failure by us to exercise any right, power or remedy under these Website Terms shall not operate as a waiver of our rights.

Duty of Disclosure
When completing an application you have a duty of disclosure. This means you must tell the truth when you apply for cover and disclose everything you know that may be relevant to Sportscover’s decision to insure you and on what terms. This duty of disclosure extends up until the time a policy is issued. If you fail to comply with this duty, your right to receive a benefit may be affected or we may cancel your policy. This duty is set out in the PDS.

For information on what we do with your responses provided in your application please see our Privacy Policy.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use and disclose the personal information you provide to us. You can also find information regarding how we handle your personal information in your Product Disclosure Statement.

You consent to the use, transfer and disclosure of personal information by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available by clicking here.

If you make a payment using this website, you agree to payment terms relating to the specific product unless it is stated that other terms apply. Any payment initiated through this website will be processed by a third party payment gateway service and Sportscover does not accept any liability for any reliance by any person on that third party payment gateway service and does not guarantee the performance of that third party payment gateway service in any way.

If you violate the letter or spirit of these Website Terms, or otherwise create risk or possible legal exposure for us, we can stop providing all or part of the website to you.

We hope that you never have a complaint, but if you do we will do our best to work with You to resolve it through the process shown on our complaints page, available by clicking here.

Limitation of Liability
Neither Sportscover, its sub-contractors, associates nor related companies or their directors shall be liable in any way for any loss or damage suffered by you through your use of the website, including but not limited to loss or damage arising in connection with:
- your use of the website;
- any defects, viruses and any other malfunctions caused to any equipment and other software in connection with access or use of the website;
- the information provided on or via the website;
- the interception, modification or misuse of information transmitted to us or transmitted to you;
- the functioning or non-availability of the website;
- the misuse of the website;
- claims by third parties in connection with the use of the website;
- any loss or unauthorised access to any data or information that you provide to us when using the website; and
- any loss arising from unauthorised transactions arising from the use of your account information.

Our liability for negligence, breach of contract or contravention of any Australian law as a result of our failure to provide the website or any part of it, or for any problems associated with your use of the website (including any loss of data or information you provide to us when using the website), which cannot be lawfully excluded by Australian law, is limited, at our option and to the maximum extent permitted by Australian law, to resupplying the website or any part of it to you, or to paying for the resupply of the website or any part of it to you or paying you a maximum of AUD$1,000.

If the whole or any part of a provision of these Website Terms is void, unenforceable or illegal in a jurisdiction it is severed for that jurisdiction. The remainder of the Website Terms have full force and effect and the validity or enforceability of that provision in any other jurisdiction is not affected. 

Sportscover Australia Pty Ltd. ABN 43 006 637 903 ACN 006 637 903 AFS Licence No. 230914 is the issuer of the policies on behalf of certain underwriters at Lloyd's. This website provides factual information only and is of a general nature only. The information on this website does not take into consideration your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on any information contained within this website or the attached documentation, you should consider its appropriateness and effect on you, or contact a qualified insurance broker for advice on this product. The relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG) can be found on this website and may help you decide if the policies are right for you, if not, contact your insurance broker for further advice on this product.

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